For more than twenty years MS Word has been the de facto word processing application around which other applications have modeled their products for compatibility.

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Workshops are tailored to the needs of organisations and groups but would include topics such as:

Editing Documents


Find and Replace

Using the Clipboard

Checking Spelling and Grammar


Using Styles

Using the Ruler

Setting Margins

Shading and Borders

Changing Styles

Paragraph Marks and Other Formatting Symbols

Working with Tables

Inserting a Table

Table Styles

Formatting a Table

Working with Images

Inserting Images

Placing and Sizing Images

Wrapping Text Around an Image

Adjusting Images

Borders and Effects

Page Layout

Orientation and Paper Size

Working with Columns

Page and Section Breaks

Working with Illustrations

Adding and Editing Charts

Working with Clip Art

Using Shapes

Working with SmartArt

Viewing Your Document(s)

Document Views

Using the Navigation Pane

Multiple Windows

Working with Longer Documents

Adding Page Numbers

Headers and Footers

Adding a Table of Contents

Updating the Table of Contents

Deleting the Table of Contents

Footnotes and Endnotes

Inserting Citations and a Bibliography

Adding an Index

Reviewing and Collaborating on Documents

Adding Comments

Tracking Changes

Viewing Changes, Additions, and Comments

Accepting and Rejecting Changes