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MS Excel, another flagship of the MS Office suite, is acknowledge as the benchmark for spreadsheet applications.

Workshops are tailored to the needs of organisations and groups but would include topics such as: 

Entering Data
Entering Text
Using AutoComplete
Entering Numbers and Dates
Using the Fill Handle
Selecting Ranges of Cells
The Font Group
The Alignment Group
The Number Group
Using Formulas
Math Operators and the Order of Operations
Entering Formulas
AutoSum (and Other Common Auto-Formulas)
Copying Formulas and Functions
Relative and Absolute Cell References
Working with Rows and Columns
Inserting Rows and Columns
Deleting Rows and Columns
Setting Row Height and Column Width
Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns
Freezing Panes
Editing Worksheets
Find and Replace
Using the Clipboard
Finalizing  Worksheets
Setting Margins
Setting Page Orientation
Setting the Print Area
Print Scaling (Fit Sheet on One Page)
Headers and Footers