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Business English

English Needs
General Listening
Meeting note taking
Giving Presentations
Communicating effectively with groups
Memo writing
E-mail writing
Describing procedures
Analyzing reports, contracts, etc.
Reading quickly
Reading critically
Summarizing material

Training available online, at your workplace or in the UK (one to one residential)

TEFL and Business background

16 years working in multilingual and multicultural environments in 5 countries in Europe and Asia with English as a learned language, by and large, the medium of communication.

Founded the first private Computer Training school in Bhutan providing vocational courses as well as professional workshops across the country.  During the last 25 years teaching and skills sharing made up approximately 20% of work mix. 

Worked for the government in Bhutan, for International NGOs, for manufacturing companies in textiles and engineering, in ICTs, in education and on IT projects in the agricultural and retail sectors.

With broad experience in capacity building; planning and budgeting; production, monitoring and evaluation; needs analaysis, design and implementation and communications and outreach. Recently enriched knowledge gained in the humanitarian sector completing thematic courses on health and society; poverty and development economics; environment and food security.

With nearly 30 years experience across multiple sectors have had  exposure to a wealth of business environments using relevant language to communicate in a context of high level international English.